BNP Paribas Associate

The Programme

Cash and position reconciliation (accounting vs PB and 3 way); with resolution of breaks. Income reconciliation (dividends and interest). Delivery on audit requests and resolution of all queries on a timely basis.

What You Will Do

Direct Responsibilities:

  • Manual Pricing and Pricing review.
  • P&L review and Tolerance checks.
  • Fees accrual, management and performance fee calculation and booking.
  • Capital bookings and reconciliation with Investor services system reports.
  • TB tie out and compiling NAV pack.

Contributing Responsibilities:

  • Ensure appropriate checks and procedures are followed to maintain high quality deliverables and to avoid internal audit and ISAE findings.
  • Compliance with all internal organizational and business policies.

Required Skills and Abilities

  • PGDBM/MBA in Finance or equivalent preferred.
  • Good understanding and ability to apply basic accounting principles.
  • Have a decent understanding of capital markets; any internship or exposure to capital market operations would be added advantage.
  • Have decent understanding of asset classes like equities, bonds, futures, options and swaps; while theoretical knowledge is a must, ability to think through how they operate in the real world would be added advantage.
  • Candidates to research on hedge funds industry and demonstrate how much they understand of it. Ability to showcase understanding of fund administration business would be an added advantage.
  • Should demonstrate the hunger to learn and grow. Should be a go-getter i.e. proactive, driven and demonstrate ability to stretch for the learning / growth.
  • Should come across as someone smart, who has ability to think through issues and figure out solutions.
  • Should be able to perform under stressful situations - not get nervous, lose composure or confidence, be able to think through, etc.
  • Communication skills - oral & written.
  • Client focused.
  • Ability to collaborate / Teamwork.
  • Attention to detail / rigor.
  • Ability to understand, explain and support change.
  • Analytical Ability.
  • Ability to develop and adapt a process.
  • Ability to anticipate business / strategic evolution.
  • Ability to inspire others & generate people's commitment.